28 February 2011

Jihad Bingo!

Here is a handy bingo card which you can use to have a bit of extra fun the next time a muslim tries to argue with you. In each box you'll find a silly cliché argument that they enjoy using, and a witty retort below that.

There are three ways to play! Enjoy!

  1. Solo player: Time yourself every time you argue with a muslim. Try to achieve bingo as quickly as possible, and then beat your own record.
  2. Multi-player, multi-bogey: You and your friends engage different muslims, and see who can achieve bingo the fastest.
  3. Multi-player, solo-bogey: To play this version, you'll have to manipulate each card to randomly move each of the squares. This way you can each argue with the same muslim without getting identical bingos.

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