10 April 2011

Despicable example of blatant lies that muslims tell each other, in order to become enraged at us.

The following video was brought to my attention the other day when a link to it was posted by a facebook friend.

It's a letter that was supposedly written by a muslim woman in Abu Ghraib prison. She describes how she is raped and tortured multiple times every day, and so are over a dozen other women with her, and they've all been impregnated by their captors.

The letter is complete and utter bullshit taqiyya.

It is dated December 2004, which was 8 months after the scandal involving American soldiers abusing Abu Ghraib prisoners was exposed by the international new media. By this time, the abusers had all been removed and court-martialled, and some had even been sentenced already. The prison was now under intense scrutiny from top brass, and no further prisoner abuse could have possibly taken place without it being immediately known and the offender arrested.

But let's just assume for a minute that the letter was written before the scandal broke, and didn't turn up until months later.

I cannot defend the actions of the soldiers, but it absolutely must be said that the abuses they committed were not even 1% as horrible as the ones described in the letter. The male prisoners were treated cruelly and unjustly; and although it's no excuse, everyone seemed to lose sight of the fact that these prisoners were not innocent people, but were insurgents responsible for violence against Coalition soldiers and Iraqi civilians. 

As for female prisoners, there were a few alleged rapes, but nothing more than hearsay, and certainly nothing even in the same realm as the acts described in the letter. The very worst thing done to a female prisoner that was actually proven was forcing her to expose her breasts.

This letter is therefore undeniably taqiyya, probably written by a man, for the sole purpose of fanning the flames to enrage Iraqi insurgents and muslims everywhere and increase their hatred of Westerners. On the off chance that there is any legitimacy to it whatsoever, then it was written back when Saddam still controlled the prison, and somehow wasn't found until several years later. The letter was not dated by the original author, and the date attached to it is simply the date that it was found. Notice also that the letter gives no details as to the identity of the captors; not a single word about their nationality, their religion, or any sort of a physical description. Keep in mind that the very worst of the abuses committed by Americans in Abu Ghraib were an absolute walk in the park when compared to the treatment that Saddam dealt out to his own people in prison on a regular basis. The things described in this letter would be absolutely believable under Saddam's brutal regime.

In any event, the letter at least partially achieved its intended effect: this fraudulent document resulted in the deaths of two American soldiers and the wounding of over 40 more (just in Abu Ghraib, probably many more elsewhere), none of whom were involved in the scandal. Of course, islam has a proud tradition of fraudulent documents leading to death and suffering: see 'quran'.

You probably heard about the attack on Abu Ghraib by insurgents on 02 April 2005 from the news media, but you probably didn't hear that they attacked because of this letter. (I'll give evidence of this in links below.) Thankfully, the Americans successfully repelled the insurgents, who suffered far greater casualties.

Getting back to the video, there are things that I find more disturbing than the letter itself. Look at the description. They proudly give two examples where diplomatic ties were broken and wars were started over unverified reports of ONE muslim woman being dishonoured by non-believers. Islam is such a peaceful religion! Of course, under sharia law, muslim men can rape their women freely without fear of reprisal. It's her fault for seducing him, unless of course she can produce four male witnesses to verify that it was rape. If she was not wearing hijab at the time, then it was automatically her fault because that means she was asking for it, and men are not expected to be able to control themselves under such circumstances. And of course your wife is your property and you can beat her and rape her any time of the day or night. So I guess the message here is "Nobody brutalizes our women but us!!!" Of course, they're also encouraged to rape non-muslim women who are not under the subjugation of dhimmitude, because they are considered war booty. Hypocritical much?

Now that you've read the description, check out the comments:
There aren't very many, so read them all if you have the time.
Absolutely chilling, aren't they? They accept the truth of the letter without question, and then rant and rave about death to the kuffar (non-believers) and pray to allah (satan) that he should cook up all sorts of eternal punishments too horrible to imagine. They pray for death to all kuffar, death to America, and for islamic world domination which will see the kuffar groveling and begging for mercy. One guy even says "Peace to the Mujahideen, Hamas, Hezbollah. Death to the kuffar." Sorry, but isn't it rather odd to wish peace upon violent terrorists? And isn't it extremely hypocritical to wish death to every single person who doesn't follow the religion of peace?
And check out some of their profiles! Some of these lovely warriors of peace are from the US, the UK, and Australia! But hey, it's unfair for us to judge all of islam by the opinions of... er, MOST muslims... right? Not surprisingly, several of them assume that all Americans must be Christians, and they must be committing such acts in the name of religion. I suppose it's only natural to assume such things when that's all you know your whole life; when all of your actions motivated by religion then you assume the same is true of everyone else.

Google the title of this video, and here's a few pages that you'll find:

No date nor comments on this one, but it's a site by UK muslims that accept the same letter without question, and praises Iraqi insurgents launching attacks on the evil Americans. You know, the same insurgents who believe that Saddam's government was best, the same government that conducted truly unspeakable tortures at Abu Ghraib that make the American abuses look like daycare. Like the youtube video, this one advocates going to war over a single rape (and yet criticizes us for going to war over 9/11).

This is one is from another 'moderate' muslim website in a Western ally country, further evidence that multiculturalism has utterly failed, despite the Australian government's claims to the contrary. Note the other video posted several comments down. It's a scumbag getting his 72 virgins by blowing up a Coalition roadblock in response to the letter, rather than joining the attack on the prison. Even IF the letter was legit, how would that make any sense at all? As if the people at the roadblock are saying to themselves "well, this is what we get for being on the same side as prison guards who committed rape." The guy who posts the video claims that he doesn't support such actions, but then asks allah to accept the man's sacrifice and forgive him. No sympathy for the innocent Iraqi civilians whose lives he abruptly ended, oh my no, but sympathy for the murderer is a must!

This one has more of the same ignorant comments. But check out username 'bin direnken'. He's probably not a real muslim, and it looks like a joke name, but he's the first one that I've seen who correctly points out that this is propaganda intended to inflame emotion, and that presenting it as legitimate detracts from the credibility of the website. Naturally he is ridiculed by the others, and his account is banned. 
Then there's username 'imaad_udeen' who appears to be a genuine muslim, and has a good head on his shoulders. According to what another comment says, he's American (can't verify that as I can't access his profile without registering). He states that the letter is an obvious hoax, and he supports the Coalition over the insurgency (i.e. the current Iraqi government over Saddam's government). So of course the others in the thread ridicule him, because the simpletons see it as Americans versus Iraqis, rather than Americans & Iraqis fighting together against radicals. They tell him to side with his fellow muslims rather than his kuffar country, which only helps to illustrate that they have no desire to integrate with our culture and obey our laws, but instead seek to dominate. He correctly points out that Saddam's regime has killed more muslims in recent decades than anyone else, and that the insurgents kill more muslims than do the Americans. Instead of listening to reason, they call him ignorant, naive, and even a traitor. My guess (and my hope) is that 'imaad_udeen' is one of a vast but unknown number of muslims who see their religion for what it is, feel ashamed of it, and want to leave, but only stay out of fear for their safety. I'd invite him over for dinner anytime.

Sadly, this is just one small example of the ridiculous lies that muslims tell each other in order to fan the flames of hatred. Check out these others. This article will make you laugh at how stupid they are, and also cry when you think how many lives have been needlessly ended because of this crap.
Pretty good article, taught me a few things I didn't know. And it has an interesting theory: muslims work very hard subconsciously to invent bullshit like this, because they can't take responsibility for the miserable condition that their culture is currently in. They see themselves as the superior people and the perfect religion. It takes vast amounts of self-delusion to willfully ignore the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, but they somehow pull it off, and therefore somebody else must be at fault, and it's usually Zionists and/or Americans, but it can be any combination of all cultures and religions besides islam.


While this slogan is hilarious on this poster, a great many muslims actually believe this, and I've heard them tell it to me on numerous occassions, and mean it earnestly.


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