18 February 2011

EPIC Double Standards (not unusual)

Check out the fucking asswipe in the screenshot at the bottom of this post. Profiles such as this remain untouched, while I get banned for using a fake name.

He proudly states that kafirs who don't accept islam should be killed. Granted, some muslims have different definitions of kafir. Some say that it's all non-muslims, while others say that Christians and Jews are not counted as kafirs, which leaves all other religions and non-religions. When I confronted this scumbag about his profile information, he tried to justify his position by using the latter definition of kafir. Of course, any decent person can tell you that wanting to commit genocide on either group is equally as evil.

I posted a screenshot of this guy for all to see, and quite a few people told me that they reported his profile for hate speech and incitement to violence. That was two and a half months ago, and yet his profile is still up and running. This screenshot is the current version of his profile, which actually has a sentence or two more than the version I first saw.

Meanwhile, I've had two profiles banned for using fake names, and "threatening or harassing" comments. The latter is complete bullshit. Sure, I engaged in debate, sometimes intense, but I most certainly never came close to anything that could be construed as threats or harassment. If someone got out of hand, I would block them. If someone chose to end contact with me, then I always respected that. I admit to being crude at times, but it was in the face of threats and harassments from others.

As for my "fake names", they're actually called pseudonyms, and are used by actors, authors, journalists, and many others. I have received many threats, up to and including death threats, for speaking the truth about islam. The cloak of anonymity protects not only myself, but my loved ones as well. What's facebook's excuse?

"People on Facebook want to interact with their real friends and the people they know in the real world. Since fake accounts can damage the integrity of this environment, they are not allowed to remain on the site."

I hardly think that they are qualified to speak on behalf of ALL facebook users, particularly when my supposedly "fake" profile had over 1,000 friends. There is a very clear double standard in place. Facebook does not want to censor hate speech from minorities, because they fear being labeled as racist or bigoted, and instead they censor those who fight against such vile hate speech, like myself.

Here's the link to the guy's profile. Feel free to report him, on the off chance that it might actually work. Below that is the screenshot.

Rûhndagnir Kafiraráto
Freedom or Dhimmitude?

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