10 May 2011

The Relationship Between Islam and My Imagination

I am a nerd.

I love Tolkien, Star Wars, video games, and so much more.

Like many other nerds, I sometimes daydream about visiting the alternate universes in which my favorite fiction takes place, or about having various elements of those fictional universes existing in our own reality. That said, I would like to share with you, my fellow kuffar, two fantasies involving elements from some of my favorite franchises, and using such elements to fight islam.


Scenario 1:
I have a lightsaber, perhaps the ultimate hand-held weapon. I also have the ability to teleport anywhere on the planet, although not necessarily to specific locations, but rather to any person, even if I have no idea where they are located.

Obviously I wouldn't just go targeting muslims completely at random. I do not hate the people, and have deep pity for those who are born into islam. My beef is with those who commit human rights abuses in the name of islam. Besides the obvious murderers and rapists, there are also those who uphold sharia, and using fear to bully people into staying with islam. I would start with the people on this list:
(As you can tell by the top name, the list is in need of an update, but you get the idea.)

Anakin Skywalker taking out a muslim village.

With my teleportation, I could hit multiple targets all over the world in a short amount of time. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes per bad guy; just teleport in, a quick <wom wom> slices him into several pieces, and teleport out. I would take out a set number per night, perhaps 12 to 15. Each night I'd pick targets scattered over multiple islamic countries, which would make them certain that it's a well-coordinated network and not a single person, and they would live in fear.

After cleaning out active terrorists, I'd move on to anyone who has committed honor killings, and radical imams and scholars. This would include any who preach violence, any who order cruel punishments for small offences (or for no offences, for that matter), and of course any who order executions for rape victims, homosexuals, apostates, critics of islam, etc.

I would go on rescue missions as well. I'd find children who are being trained as terrorists; children who are being abused, whether it's sexual, physical, emotional, etc; and children being sold into marriage. I'd take them to shelters with counselors. Most should be young enough that they can be de-programmed from the cult mentality with relative ease. I'd also help women in abusive marriages, or other abusive relationships. Depending on the severity, most of the bad guys in these cases wouldn't need to be killed, but just have the shit scared out of them.

Eventually, the radicals should be frightened enough to change their ways. People would leave islam in droves, no longer having to fear any reprisals for apostasy, or for speaking out about the true nature of their religion and their prophet. They could convert to another religion, or take their own paths; the important part is leaving islam. The religion would implode, and soon it would trouble the world no more.

Scenario 2:
In the original Terminator movie, a cyborg is sent back through time to assassinate the mother of the future leader of the human resistance before she actually becomes pregnant with him. Of course, in my scenario, the good and evil sides are reversed.

Hasta la vista, Abd & Aminah!
Just imagine what would happen if someone could travel back in time and kill muhammad's parents. It should be both of his parents, before puberty, to ensure that none of muhammad's genes are able to be passed along. Obviously it's horrible to kill children, but given the immeasurably vast amount of good that it would do for mankind, it would certainly be justified. It should be done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Just imagine the enormous ripple effect through time. There would be no psychopathic madman starting a religion for no other reason than his own personal gain, no wave of blood & death sweeping over the Middle East and North Africa, and no 1400 years of warfare in an effort to force their own fucked up brand of "peace" onto non-believers.

Imagine how much suffering would be avoided for women and children without muhammad's fucked up laws. And not just the ones that he actually put some time and effort into, but also the ones that he made up on the spot to get himself out of some sticky situation or another. For example...
The only reason that a women needs four male witnesses to prove rape is because muhammad's pre-pubescent wife was raped by one of his buddies, and he refused to believe it, despite the fact that she had three witnesses. So he says "Sorry, but allah just told me that you need four witnesses." It sucks that there was no justice in this one case, but just imagine how many millions of women have suffered for this one arbitrary decision! If you're raped but can't provide four male witnesses, then you might as well keep your mouth shut, otherwise you'll be admitting to adultery, and things will get much worse for you. Hell, even if you can provide four male witnesses, they can probably still find a way to make it your fault for "asking for it." Sick fucking religion.

Sorry, went off on a tangent there. Point is, there are numerous rules which were arbitrary when they were made, but caused untold suffering for millions.

Imagine what it would be like for the time traveler upon return to 2011. The Crusades would not have happened, and with any luck that might have brough an earlier end to the Christian dark age, ushering in the Renaissance several centuries earlier. Imagine where technology would be today with such a great head start!

Without the requirement to devote a significant portion of the day to prayer, and a significant portion of life to religious education instead of more useful areas of study, the Arabs would have been able to contribute just as much as the rest of the world to science, medicine, technology, etc. The same would go for all those conquered by the muslims, most notably the Persians and Egyptians. Even to this day there is virtually nothing useful that comes from islamic countries, which is why they are all poverty-stricken shitholes, except for the ones lucky enough to live on top of oil. Of course, due to their extremely egotistical view of themselves and their religion, they can always find some excuse to blame their poor economic conditions on non-muslims. They also like to claim credit for quite a few areas where they deserve no credit:

Crude oil would necessarily have been discovered earlier due to technology. Hopefully the oil in the Middle East would have been better regulated and therefore cheaper, rather than being exploited by a few lucky families who made themselves wealthy beyond all reason. Of course, we probably wouldn't even need oil anymore by the beginning of the 20th century, as we'd have already developed clean & efficient energy like hydrogen fuel cells. Or maybe even cold fusion! Hell, we might even have those Mr. Fusion things seen in Back to the Future.

By now, we'd have space stations in orbit that are capable of supporting vast numbers of humans. It would only be a short trip to visit your friends and family back home on the surface, but there might not even be much need to do so, as you could also visit them via virtual reality as advanced as The Matrix.

And theoretically, all this may very well have been possible with the deaths of two innocent kids who would grow up to produce the most evil man that has ever walked this planet.

Think about how many lives we've wasted over the last several decades as we try to keep the evil of islam contained, along with all the money, man hours, and other resources. Even if islam had suddenly ceased to exist 50 years ago rather than never existing to begin with, just imagine all the good that could have been done and the advancements that could have been made using the lives and resources that have been spent on defense. Just look at all the foreign aid money that Western allies waste on countries that hate us, like Pakistan, where it's essentially protection money to keep a nuiclear-armed nation full of nutjob muzzies from starting a nuclear holocaust.

This is beginning to get depressing, so I need to stop. Hope I didn't bum anyone out, and I hope that you had at least a partially enjoyable read.

These Rings:


Are even more evil than this Ring!

One Ring to rule them all.

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